About Us


Emit Pest is an online store of Emit Technology. Emit Technology has been established since 2011 and has come to be regarded as a reputable company innovating and manufacturing environmentally friendly emission products catering to the Pest Control and Wild Life Control Industries. 

We do operate a brick & mortar shop at 3021 Ubi Ave 2, #04-193 S(408897).

Having a brick & mortar shop in Singapore, you can be assured of our commitment and quality as we can be contacted if you require any help or queries on our products.

Many stores have moved online but not many operates both an Online and Brick & Mortar store.

Our Mission

1. To provide our customers with effective products in a timely, reliable and affordable manner.

2. No bullshit attitude. To provide customers with products that work!

3. To enhance our position as the premier DIY Pest Control Company. 

Our Vision and Future Plans

Our Vision for the future is as the motto "When you think of DIY Pest Control, you will think of Emit"

Our Logo

It depicts the hardworking resilient mindset of our company and people. 

The star and mount represent our strive for excellence and be a shining star in the industry.

Nothing comes easy in life without putting any effort.

Such a little thing we call the ant,
It seems he has no word for “can’t”.
They’ll climb up over, around, and through,
It seems there is nothing ants can’t do.
They never quit, they never stay,
They always find another way
to get to where they need to go;
I wonder how they seem to know.
This bug so small, this tiny speck.
Can teach us all how to earn respect.