BookLice Control

Booklice Control

If you have bites or redness with no known cause of the bite (such as seeing a mosquito on your arm), a mite could be to blame. Booklice are visible to the eye, while a lot of mites aren’t. The good news is they won’t try to live in your hair like other lice do. 


How it happens?

Usually, Book lice happens due to heavy moisture content (high humidity) in the air. Mildew, molds usually accompany the appearance of book lice as they feed on it. Booklice can lay their eggs on wallpaper, on books and even damp walls. Spraying insecticide doesn't really solve the problems as they reappear after a while and the whole process starts all over again.

How to treat Booklice problem?

Solving this problem requires elimination of the moisture source. Usually, the moisture is caused by the condensation of water when hot air meets a extremely cold surface. This can be caused by turning the air-conditioning very cold and for long period of time. The adjacent room is at room temperature and situated near the toilet or bathroom. The difference in temperature on the floor or wall surface will cause condensation on the wall resulting in propagation of these Booklices.

Example of Mildews and mold growing on wall


Method 1 - Regulate the aircon temperature to prevent extreme temperature (diff of 20 Degree Celsius) difference between rooms.

Method 2 - Buy a dehumidifier machine.

Method 3 - Buy moisture absorber (e.g. Thirsty hippo) and place around the room to absorb the moisture.

After treating the moisture problem, NOW you can treat the Booklice problem.

Step 1

Mix 10ml of the woodworm solution with 1 litre of water. Spray a fine mist (Do not spray till it drips) of the mixture to kill the existing Booklice that are already thriving on the wall. Make sure that you have a hand gloves, face mask and eye protection goggles on before spraying. Air the room and let it dry for 2 hours before using the room.

Step 2

Close the door and windows and diffuse organic mosquito chaser with a burner. The vapour emits from the burner will chase these booklice away. Organic mosquito chase is blended with natural cinnamic compounds which is a natural fumigant and insect repellent. 


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