Flies Control

Flies Control

Housefly features, ecology, and location

1. Features and ecology of appearance
The adults of the housefly, about 6-8 mm, are large flies. About 50 to 150 adult females lay eggs at one time, and 4 to 5 times during one month of survival. If there is a cause, a large amount tends to occur in an instant .

2. Time of occurrence
It frequently occurs in May to July and September to November.

3. Occurs in places such as garbage bins and bins where raw garbage is left.
Houseflies occur in the presence of garbage, so they tend to occur when the garbage is exposed in the garbage storage area or the trash can . In addition, even in the kitchen, if you store the food without storing it or leave it uncleaned, it will lead to the generation of house flies.

If your kitchen or food dining area deal with prawns or seafood, it will attract lots of flies.

Damage cause by Houseflies

Flies Ruin Your Reputation
The presence of any insect can damage a company’s reputation. Flies tend to be more noticeable than other pests. They spend a lot of time flying around and constantly touch down in search of food, often landing on clients’ food or the clients themselves. Your guests are likely to never return if flies ruin their experience.

Disease Is a Concern
Flies are known to transmit pathogenic microorganisms that cause disease. These microorganisms can lead to shingles, Salmonella, or E. coli, putting your employees and clients at risk. New studies show that flies carry more bacteria than experts once thought. We now know that flies may transmit respiratory infections and bacteria that causes food poisoning.

Flies Contaminate Food
Individual fly species have various behaviors and risks. Some will land on fecal material or rotting garbage, and then later land on exposed food-preparation surfaces or food. For food-related businesses, this poses a health risk to clients. Authorities may close the business for a short time. Other businesses should still be aware. A fly infestation can spread disease among employees, especially in the breakroom where their food is exposed.

They Are Expensive
When customers see flies, they are less likely to return, hurting your profits. If flies are present, you could also be fined by the government. In severe cases, your business may have to close. Choosing a fly protection program is a much less expensive option than being slapped with government fines or losing your business.

How to effectively control houseflies and preventive measures

1. Prevents the generation of odor

If a large number of house flies are occurring, you can get rid of them by spraying OBC (EM-334) at the place of occurrence. 

However, even if it is exterminated, it is difficult to completely eliminate the occurrence as long as there are factors that attract houseflies. Therefore, it is more important to eliminate the factor that attracts the houseflies. For example, the odor of food waste can attract house flies. Clean the trash area regularly to avoid leaving food waste . In addition, it is important that food is properly stored in the kitchen and food storage so that it is not exposed . Furthermore, it is important to clean up the garbage as soon as possible without leaving it .

2. Prevents intrusion from outside

Is the door or window of the facility open? Also, is the garbage storage door closed tightly? Preventing housefly from invading from the outside is also an important preventive measure. Don't leave the doors and windows open, but be sure to close the garbage bin, trash can door, and lid.

3. Use Insect Light Traps (ILTs)

Insect light traps work on the simple principle that flies are attracted to UV light; the UV light tubes emit UV light (peak at 368nm) draws flies in where they become trapped; simple as that! However, the placement of the ILTs and the type of UV light tubes deserve some scrutiny.  Also take note that UV light tubes need to be changed every 9 months to maintain their effectiveness.



4. Diffusing Organic Repellent

Many of our customers reap huge benefits using this product to curb the flies problem. Organic Fly Chaser Chase is a wonderful way of getting rid of the flies. The secret lies in the all natural plant extract (Cassia plant) that is safe to use in food preparatory and handling area.



5. Using Sticky traps

Hanging of sticky traps will trap these pesky pests as they are lured by the pheromone in the trap. These traps are great as the glue is non drying and weather resistant.

These are the usual scenarios that we received when people call us to deal with mosquito problem.

If below don't solve your problem. Send us an email emit@emit.com.sg and attached a few pictures to illustrate your case. We will recommend the best solution.

How to treat?

1. Identify the cause of the flies.
The presence of flies in your restaurant means there is something attracting the flies to your shop. Most of the time, restaurants that serve with fish, prawns, ice-cream are most susceptible. The odour from the fish, prawns are superb attractants.
2. Mask the odour or get rid of the odour.
To mask the odour, you need to use OBC (EM-334). Dilute the solution (1:50) and mop the floor. Bottle it into spray bottle and spray onto the dinning table. OBC effectively kills the odour producing bacteria and mask the smell preventing flies from detecting it too.
Take note to mop the food kitchen also. Most of the time, servers or waiters will walk into the food kitchen and their food steps in and out of the kitchen will bring the odour from their shoe sole to the dinning area.
3. Install ILTs to trap the flies.

How to treat?

"Drain fly" is one of the common names for the moth fly (Psychoda sp.). Also known as sink flies, filter flies, and sewer gnats, this small fly, often misidentified as a fruit fly, Drain flies can be a problem anywhere there is standing water, particularly around drains.  It causes no real damage but when it shows up in high numbers it can become a nuisance pest in or around the home.

The presence of drain flies means the presence of high humidity areas and/ or the presence of organic materials. 

Thus to get rid of drain flies means to get rid of the organic materials or high humidity area.

  • The best way for homeowners to accomplish this goal is to eliminate breeding sites. It’s essential to clean household drains, which includes removing organic slime that has accumulated in the drains. Wash the drain thoroughly and scrub the pipe to remove the organic slime.
  • Use the sticky traps to hang at the entrance of the drain and this will trap all the moths exiting.







How to treat?

The way to completely eliminate fruit flies is to inspect for and get rid of the source. 

  • Refrigerate produce or dispose of over-ripe or rotten items.
  • Install fruit fly traps to bait them into the trap.

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