Snakes Control

Snakes Control

Snakes in Singapore

1. Features and ecology of appearance
Most snakes are usually out of sight in Singapore except near the natural reserves or private housing. Most of the snakes found are non venomous and stay away from humans. However from time to time, snakes pay visit to residential areas  as consequences of urbanisation.  Animals are affected as they are forced to retreat to more natural habitats, which are still in close proximity to houses and buildings. This usually occurs when there is a new construction or due to sudden downpour or change in weather.

2. Time of occurrence
Snakes are usually spotted in Singapore when there is change in their natural habitats due to construction, weather change or reduction in food source.

Most snakes are active at night thus not easily to be spotted. King Cobras are active during the day.

3. Occurs in places such as large drains and forestation.
Some of them are living in large drains whereby they feed on rats living in the drains.  

Damage cause by Snakes

Poisonous Snakes 
Poisonous snakes are dangerous as the venom can kill even the strong. Thus having the right tool to deal with them is essential for health and safety.

Non-Poisonous Snakes
These are usually harmless as they slither around. However, even if the python is non-poisonous, it can still bite. Their constriction hold is so strong that it could even kill a cow.

How to effectively control snakes and preventive measures

1. Food source

If a large number of snakes are occurring, it means there is  a food source for them nearby. Most of the time, rodents and chickens are their primary food source in Singapore.

However, if you are able to get rid of the food source such as rodent, these creatures will not invade your house. 

2. Snake exclusion and repellent.

If getting rid of the food source is not an option. You can use our snake exclusion and repellent products to protect your premises.


3. Snake Traps/ Relocator bags

We have a variety of snake traps ranging from glue traps, funnel traps and large snake traps.



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