Bats Control

Bats Control

Bats in Singapore

1. Features and ecology of appearance

Most bats are usually harmless in Singapore and do not pose a danger to people. There have not been a case of bat reported having rabies. Most of the time, bats become a nuisance when a large number congregate and cause nuisance with their noise or fecal droppings. Bats are nocturnal creatures and usually fly into homes at night and are discovered in the day

As consequences of urbanisation, more bats live in close proximity to humans due to availability of food source. Most of the bats that fly into homes are fruit bats. They are lured to the premises with fruit trees.

2. Problem caused by bats
Bat related diseases
Bats are capable of harboring several viruses that are Zoonotic, or capable of infecting humans, and some bat-borne viruses are considered important emerging viruses. These Zoonotic viruses include the rabies virus, SARS-CoV, Marburg virus, Nipah virus, and Hendra virus. However, there are no evidence to support such diseases are found in the bats of Singapore.

Bat droppings (Guano), guano is a highly effective fertilizer due to its exceptionally high content of nitrogen, phosphate and potassium. However, guano in houses may pose potential health problems.  

3. What to do if encounter bats
Bats found indoors is usually disorientated and has problems escaping.

Do not handle the bat with your bare hands. If you must, gather the bat up with a towel. Even though bats are not aggressive, they may bite in self-defence. If bitten, seek medical consultation.

Turn off all interior lights and open all windows and doors leading outdoors.
If a bat is unable to escape, wait for the bat to land and cover it with a box. Gently ease the bat into the box and release it outdoors at night.

Some bats are known to reside in the attics of house, place of worship or warehouses. Some repellent products will help in deterring the bats from residing in the premises.

Bats found outdoors do not pose any dangers and should be left alone.

How to effectively control bats and preventive measures

1. Food source

If a large number of bats are occurring, it means food source is nearby. Most of the time, it is due to the presence of fruit trees and the fruits are in season.

Getting rid of the ripe fruits will reduce the number of bats.

2. Bat Proof netting, exclusion and repellent.

If getting rid of the fruit tree is not an option. You can use our bat netting, bat repellent products to protect your premises.

Repellent products include the followings

  • EMF Bat Repellers
  • Ultrasonic Bat Repellers
  • Chemisensory Repellers


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