Birds Control

Birds Control

Birds in Singapore

1. Features and ecology of appearance
Most birds are usually harmless in Singapore and do not pose a danger to people. Most of the time, birds become a nuisance when a large number congregate and cause nuisance with their noise or fecal droppings.

As consequences of urbanisation more birds live in close proximity to humans due to availability of food source. Common bird problems in Singapore are cause by feral pigeons, crows, mynas and occasional migrating birds.

2. Problem caused by birds
Bird related diseases
Birds can host a variety of diseases which can be damaging to humans or livestocks. (e.g. bird flu, encephalitis and cryptococcosis) 

Bird Mites
Are pests that many people don't think about. These tiny insects are a nuisance, nonetheless. They typically live on the skin of different birds including chickens but can find their way into homes and other structures. This is when they can become a problem for humans.
Bird Mites will bite humans they encounter, these mites inject saliva. This can lead to severe irritation with rashes and intense itching.

Suspension of business and audit
One of the most common problem that companies face is the negative impact on business image and reputation failures. This will cause Suspension of business and audit failures due to poor hygiene sighted during inspection. 

Bird Droppings
Bird droppings corrode building material, damage paint on cars, contaminate food in hawker centers.


How to effectively control birds and preventive measures

1. Food source

If a large number of birds are occurring, it means food source is nearby. Most of the time, coffee shops, hawker centers, food kitchens are the favourite haunt for birds. Food is readily available for them to swoop in, take a bite and fly off.

Getting rid of the food source is an immediate solution.

2. Bird Proof netting, Exclusion and repellent.

If getting rid of the food source is not an option. You can use our bird netting, bird spikes to exclude them from your and repellent products to protect your premises.

Repellent products include the followings

  • Visual scare
  • Sonic Repellers
  • Laser Repellers
  • Chemisensory Repellers


3. Bird Traps

We have a variety of bird traps. However, some of the traps are not sold online as we have to explain the technical details on trapping and also be a responsible seller under the ANIMALS AND BIRDS ACT



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