Termite Control

Termite Control

One day, you notice that the furniture are falling apart. The timber skirting seem to be rotten. Termites wreak havoc in your homes and devour it from the inside until there is nothing left but dust.

Early termite detection is vital if you want to prevent large scale damage to your home,This article will tell you all about what these little wood eaters are, how they can destroy your home, and what you can do to eradicate them.

If you seen any of these signs in your house, you have a termite infestation. It may be broadly identified as Subterranean, Dry wood termite infestation.

 -Floor panels eaten by termites
  -mud tubes by Subterranean termites
 - fecal droppings by Dry wood termites 
 - Termites swarming. Close up of termites. These are not ants.

Here, we will give you a guide on how to deal with these unwanted visitors. We want to be realistic, solving termite problems takes time and effort.

3 points to note and have to be realistic. 

  • Those wooden panels damaged by termites cannot be repaired and need to be thrown/ replaced. Often, when we tell the customers that they have to replace the damaged wooden panels, structures, flooring, they often ask why our termite control products don't make the wood "good" again.
  • Often a termite problem is accompanied by a leaking pipe system. Be it be an aircon pipe, water pipe... Again, customers often complain why our products don't work (root cause of the problem is not solved) and insist that the leaking pipes are our problem and we have to fix it.
  • Why do i see termites again after a while. It may be another colony residing near your home. The new colony will take over the premises once the old colony died. 

These are the usual scenarios that we received when people call us to deal with termite problem.

If below don't solve your problem. Send us an email emit@emit.com.sg and attached a few pictures to illustrate your case. We will recommend the best solution.

Normally, termite don't attack wood that are often moved around. Termites are silent workers. They will chew on the wood in such a way that it looks good on the outside while the interior is all hollow.

How to treat?

Check the extent of the damage. Do not remove any wood as this may startle them. 
Sprinkle "Termite powder EM-201" lightly over the panels and cover the panels back. The aim is to let the worker termites carry the dust back to their nest and spread it to the entire colony. Only when the "Queen" termite is killed then the entire colony die.

Chances are this is caused by "Dry wood Termite". The droppings are actually fecal materials passed out by the termites. 

How to treat?

Check for the openings where the pellets are found. Inject the wood with "Termite Control Oil (EM-109)" or "Woodworm Eliminator (EM-153) into the termite galleries (tunnel system)


You have a serious infestation and this is gonna take some effort to get rid of the infestation. 

Firstly, you should get an engineer to ascertain that the building is still safe to like in. 

Next, engage a Pest Control Company to do the job. This is not going to be a simple job and will take a while to rectify the damage done.

If you still want to do it yourself, we suggest the followings

1. Check the building surroundings for the mud tunnels. Often, the infestation is caused by a Subterranean termite colony located near your house. Directly treat an active infestation if you can locate the indoor nesting area. 

2. Spray "Termite Control Oil (EM-109)" onto the timber truss.

3. Dust "Termite powder (EM-201)" into the mud tunnels by scrapping top part of the mud tunnels off and puff into the tunnels. This should be done as widely as possible if the house is big. 

4. Sprinkle "Enta Termite Powder (EM-192)" onto places where termites frequent to prevent termites from 

It is good to know that before any installation of fixed furniture in the house, it is good to spread a fine layer of "Enta Termite Powder (EM-192)" This will greatly reduce the chances of termite infestation.


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