Lizard Control

Gecko/ House Lizard Control

How To Get Rid Of Geckos in the House

To get rid of gecko/ house lizards in the house, we recommend using products such as lizard traps (also known as lizard glue stations). There are also lizard sprays and repellent sprays that are very effective solutions for getting rid of lizards in the house.

Quick Tips for Lizard Control:

Tip #1: Lizard exist as there are insects around and it is a food source for them. So to get rid of lizards, you have to get rid of the flying and crawling insects auch as termite alates.

Tip #2: Keep your home clean. Most of the time, lizards occurs due to the presence of food source. These may be crumbs that are left after a meal or juice/soda spills. They are known to eat sweets and peanuts.

Gecko/ Lizard Glue Pad Control:


Use the following guidelines for successful trapping: 

*Use fresh glue pads. If the pads are not fresh, the glue may not be sticky enough for the lizard.. 

* Use the glue pads in bright areas. Often in bright area, insects will also be attracted to the glue pads. As the insects fly and get stuck in the glue pads, lizards will be attracted to the struggling insects and get stuck too.

Gecko/ Lizard Chemical spray

A water-based house lizard (geckos) killer. It will kill geckos if it happens to crawl into contact with surfaces treated with the solution or spray directly onto the lizard itself. It will take a few hours for the formula to take effect. 

Gecko/ Lizard Repellent spray

If killing is not an option for you. You can still repel these creatures with out repellent sprays. 

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