EM-323 EMF Pest Repeller

EM-323 EMF Pest Repeller

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Model: EM-323

L7.9 x W5.9 x H3.3 inches
L200 x W145 x H85mm
Weight: Approx. 2kg
Power Supply: 220~240V AC 50Hz
Power Consumption: 23 Watts
Magnetic Field: 25 milliguass
Coverage: 45,000 cubic ft (11m range) 

Features: EM-323 is more suitable for vast spaced premises. In commercial applications like factories, hotels, restaurants, warehouses or chalets. Domestic living areas like 5 room HDB apartments, executive apartments, condominiums, etc.

EMF pest repeller emits powerful bursts of extremely low frequency (50/60 Hz) electro-magnetic fields rapidly fill up the entire surrounding space. Electro-magnetic fields penetrate effortlessly through concrete and wooden barriers to affect the rats hiding in hard to reach areas driving them faraway from the areas under their influence.

Pros's Tips: Have been installed in numerous warehouses, sugar factories. It takes around 2~4 weeks for the effect to be noticeable. Together with EM-323, this product have been in the local and overseas market since 1987.