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Easy to use Snake trap. Excellent capture rate!


Model: EN-1907

Length: 1220mm 
Width: 500mm 
Height: 200mm
Weight: Approx. 5 kg

Description: This trap is designed and constructed for trapping medium size snake in mind. Suitable for pythons, cobras, vipers, water moccasins, rattlesnakes & copperheads.

Key Features:

  • Galvanised mesh
  • Flip gate design
  • Top release door
  • Rectangular design for easy storage
  • High success rate

Features: EM-1907 uses the flipping gate design entrance which snakes can enter but not exit. Flipping gates are located at both ends of the trap to allow snake entry from either ends. You can bait it with live frog, mouse or eggs, but generally if the traps are placed right, it can catch snakes on its own as snakes are channelled into the trap. Allows thick snakes like water moccasins, python or rattle snakes to enter.

Ideal places to set the trap should be along a fence, a wall, sides of a pond or stream, against a structure like a house or shed which can channel snakes into the trap. This trap is best to use outside. It can be set along waterways such as streams and rivers.

Release door located at the top of the trap for easy removal of snakes.

Note: After setting trap, it is important to check the trap daily for any trapped creatures. Always provide food, water and shelter for any creatures held in captivity.

Made In Singapore